VitiNord Winter Hats

Tuques, beanies, caps, hats…whatever you want to call them, we are getting them!
We are taking pre-orders for VitiNord embroidered head gear, to be available for pickup at the conference registration desk.
Apologies that we do not have the capacity to ship at this time.

Pre-order have closed!

Simple white logo on heather knits in three styles available at $20 each.

Please click this image link if you’d like to order an assortment:

Select for ordering more than one style of hat.


Multiple Styles

Or use these links if there one style you prefer:

cuffed knit hat


Cuffed Knit

fleece-lined knit hat


Fleece-lined Knit

pom-pom knit hat


Pom Pom Knit