Vivid Coffee Roasters 
150 Cherry Street (645 m, 9 min)

Vivid Coffee Roasters gives us the opportunity to gather during Monday On Your Own dinner. We have a special optional place available that has been especially geared to the VitiNord crowd.
Tacos & Wine! Vivid Coffee will be curating a natural wine list for the evening – with an emphasis on growers and winemakers from Vermont and other cold-climate regions. No reservations. Counter-service. Extremely casual atmosphere.
Vegan and gluten free options available.
Dinner (Monday 5 pm to 8 pm)

American Flatbread
115 St. Paul Street (550 m, 7 min)

Pizza (9$-23$)
Gluten free crust

Armory Grille and Bar
101 Main Street (550 m, 7 min)

Flatbreads and Burgers (14$-16$)
Breakfast (6 am) – Dinner

Bleu Northeast Kitchen
25 Cherry Street (190 m, 2 min)

Fresh, local, seasonal, and sustainable products (20$-40$)
Breakfast (7 am to 10 am) – Dinner

Farmhouse Tap & Grill
160 Bank Street (550 m, 6 min)

Gastropub serving locally sourced burgers, entrees, and a New England raw bar (17$-36$)
 Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options
Lunch – Dinner

Hen of the Wood
55 Cherry Street (240 m, 3 min)

Menus change daily, based on a wealth of premium products found only miles from the restaurant (28$-45$)

Juniper Restaurant & Bar at Hotel Vermont
41 Cherry Street (200 m, 2 min)

Fresh and local (16$-34$)
Breakfast (7 am to 11 am) – Dinner

Monarch & The Milkweed
111 St. Paul Street (550 m, 7 min)

Cocktails (both classics and originals), local and international beer and wine, delightful CBD confections, and our neighbor American Flatbread’s delicious pizza!

Pascolo Ristorante
83 Church Street (600 m, 7 min)

Handmade Italian Cuisine (18$-29$)

Rí Rá Irish Pub
123 Church Street (650 m, 8 min)

Irish menu (14$-22$)

The Friendly Toast
86 St Paul St. (550 m, 7 min)

The Friendly Toast is a scratch kitchen & bar known for our creative menu and delicious drinks (13$-19$)
Breakfast (8 am) – Lunch – Dinner

The Gryphon
131 Main Street (650 m, 8 min)

Amazing, eclectic, creative spin on all your classic restaurant classics. The Gryphon is a hip, laid-back, classy establishment without being snobby about it, just like it’s hometown of Burlington, VT (15$-36$)

The Skinny Pancake
60 Lake Street (220 m, 4 min)

 Crepes, coffee, burgers, beer, wine, and cocktails (7$-13$)
Breakfast (8 am)- Lunch – Dinner