Burlington, Vermont, USA

December 4-7, 2022

What is VitiNord?

VitiNord is the preeminent International Viticulture & Enology conference that happens every three years.  Since 2006, VitiNord has taken place every three years, alternating between sites in Europe and North America.

Viticulture – the cultivation or culture of grapes especially for wine making.

Enology – the science and study of wine and wine making.

VitiNord brings together grape growers and winemakers from all the emerging wine regions in cold and cool climates–Scandinavia, the Baltics, Northern Europe, North America, China. We are connected by our desire to extend the grape and wine industry into norther climates as a way to stimulate the local economy

All of these people share the same challenges of growing grapes and making wine in cold and cool climates. They are connected by their desire to extend the grape and wine industry into northern climates as a way to stimulate the local economy.

VitiNord is a rare opportunity for growers and winemakers in cold and cool climates to meet each other and share ideas and solutions to the challenges of growing grapes in the North.

Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain
60, Battery Street, Burlington, Vermont, USA

VitiNord is also the opportunity to take part in local and International wine tastings, innovative conferences with wine tasting sessions, vineyards and winery innovation tours.

Who should attend? 

Grape growers, winemakers, researchers, technologists, wine trade writers, and educators who are interested in the expansion of the grape and wine industry into new and non-traditional areas that share problems of very cool summers, very cold winters, or both.

Attendees come from around the globe to share and learn from each other on best practices and current techniques being used in the production of cool and cold climate grapes and wine. Vineyard owners, vineyard managers, winemakers, viticulture and enology professionals should attend this engaging conference.  

Event Objectives:

  • Share knowledge, techniques and experiences of cold climate viticulture ans winemaking;

  • Bring together researchers, grape breeders, grape growers, winemakers and consultants from cold climate regions across international boundaries;

  • Increase awareness and visibility for cold climate wines and provide education about their unique qualities.



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